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If you are looking for divorce mediation services in the Pittsford, NY area, rely on Divorce Mediation of Rochester, NY. If you are searching for divorce mediation services, this is likely a stressful time in your life. Or, you are looking for an amicable divorce and are seeking guidance on the necessary steps to take. Whatever your reason is, divorce mediation is a great alternative to a standard divorce involving a court. When you choose divorce mediation services, you get a variety of benefits. 



Cost - Divorce mediation services are much cheaper than hiring a lawyer and going to a court as you will avoid heavy lawyer fees and court fees. The average cost of litigation in New York State is almost $30,000. Mediation is a fraction of that cost. 

Privacy - Mediation is a quicker and discrete process where you are able to avoid trial and judicial proceeding.

Less Stressful - We are able to operate as a 3rd party, unbiased source who not only guides the processes but also moves at our own pace. Again, these are complex, high-emotion situations that require a dynamic approach for the best outcome for both parties involved.

Quick - Our process typically only lasts three or four sessions. Which is much quicker than court proceedings that can have you in the court process for years. 


Why Choose Divorce Mediation of Rochester, NY?

In such difficult times in highly stressful and emotional events, our professionals are able to remain level-headed, neutral, and on task. We approach the situation with compassion and understanding. We do all we can to achieve a winning situation for both parties involved. If you have more questions, please contact us by calling us or filling out a contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly. 


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Divorce Mediation of Rochester LLC. Is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or counsel. Each party has been encouraged to be fully advised by their respective counsel regarding the legal, financial, and practical effect of any agreement entered into.