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At Divorce Mediation of Rochester, you have the chance to control the outcome of your future. We serve as a neutral third party in all circumstances, with our divorce mediator facilitating a complete, amicable approach to each situation without representing or advising either side. This way, thought and strategy can be used to craft the best agreement that works well for everyone involved.

Divorce mediation is an informal process, proven to be quicker, more discreet and significantly less expensive than litigated divorce. Our divorce mediator will guide both parties to help identify and discuss both issues at hand. Options are then presented and opened to negotiations, resulting in well-thought-out decisions that are of best interest to both individuals. At the end of the process, the agreement outlining all mutually agreed upon topics will be drafted and submitted to the Court, making it a legally binding agreement. 

During the mediation process, our divorce mediator will help you make decisions about:

  • Parenting Plans: These are essential to any parent, especially those with young children. Our team will help you customize an agreement which takes everyone’s needs into consideration. 

  • Child Support: Courts often fail to use discretion when calculating the used factors of child support. What we do is help both sides calculate the circumstances to develop the best child-centered plan possible. 

  • Alimony and Spousal Support: Discuss the presumptively correct amount and tax implications of alimony/spousal maintenance.

  • Distribution of Assets and Liabilities: Decide how to best distribute your assets, liabilities, and division of debt. 

  • Other issues: Pets, extended family visitation, special needs, and health issues.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation:

  • Confidential: Your privacy will be respected without needing to worry about a trial or judicial proceeding.
  • Quick: Forget about being in and out of court for the next few years. On average, our process will only last three or four sessions, allowing you to move on with your life much sooner.
  • Less Stress: We always work to reach a conclusion that works for both parties. With this approach, we move at our own pace, creating an environment that makes everyone more comfortable so we can come up with the best solution possible. The less stressed you are, the clearer your head will be.
  • Cost-Friendly: The average cost of a litigated divorce in New York State is almost $30,000. Mediation is only a fraction of that! Making it a great way to get a cheap divorce.


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Divorce Mediation of Rochester does not provide legal advice but will guide both parties to a mutual and voluntary agreement on this matter.

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Divorce Mediation of Rochester LLC. Is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or counsel. Each party has been encouraged to be fully advised by their respective counsel regarding the legal, financial, and practical effect of any agreement entered into.