Divorce Without Lawyers

When it comes to getting a divorce, there is no doubt that the times are difficult, often stressful, and a major source for anxiety. Stacking on costly legal fees only fuels frustration. We have good news, though. Divorce doesn’t have to be done through an attorney. It is possible to get a divorce without lawyers. In fact, when you choose Divorce Mediation of Rochester, it becomes even easier.  

Though the situation is probably never going to fully be easy for the parties involved, we can at least reduce the burden of stress and anxiety by eliminating sources of these frustrations. We do this by implementing a process we have refined over the years. It is a process that promotes compromise and mutual respect. The more stress-free we can make our process, the better place everyone will be in for decision making. 

Better Process, Better Results

There are a lot of things to consider when getting a divorce. From parenting plans, and alimony to distribution of assets and liabilities. Everyone is in a unique situation that requires planning and discussion tailored to their scenario. Our experts are excellent at finding solutions that are as favorable as possible for everyone involved. Our mediation services are much more affordable than hiring an attorney, which is why so many people looking for a more stress-free process choose to get a divorce without lawyers. Trust us, choosing divorce mediation is far less agonizing than a court battle. 

Our mediation process is also faster and puts both parties in control of their future. Decision making is left up to the people involved, not a judge!  Oftentimes, a lot, if not all, of the divorce issues can be settled with mediation. We truly feel that this is something a courtroom will not be able to provide.

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If you are unsure if our services are what you need, at least give us a call and discuss what you need. We are here to help you and make your life easier during these difficult times. Remember, our goal is compromise, not winning. When we compromise correctly, both parties win. 

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Divorce Mediation of Rochester LLC. Is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or counsel. Each party has been encouraged to be fully advised by their respective counsel regarding the legal, financial, and practical effect of any agreement entered into.